General information

ICAO code — UMKK

IATA code — KGD

Timezone: UTC+2, MSK-1


Khrabrovo airport is the international airport of Kaliningrad. It is located 20 km to the northeast of the centre of the city. It has the status of a federal airport.

It is a joint civil and military airfield, used by the aviation of FSB, MChsand the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. In particular, it is the headquarters for the 398th Independent Air Transport Squadron of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy (An-24, An-26).


Runway Class: В

Runway size: 3350х45m

ICAO Category: II

PCN: 45/R/C/X/T

Magnetic landing course: 60/240

Runway surface: mixed.

Fireworthiness requirements level: 7

Supported aircraft types

  • Boeing-737-200,200ER,300,300ER,400,500,700,800; Boeing-757-200
  • Airbus-319,320,321;ATR-42/72;BE-9L;A А319/А320/А321



  • F-50/70/100
  • SAAB 2000/340
  • CRJ-100,200,900


  • MD-82


  • Ту −134/154/204
  • Ил-76
  • Ил-18
  • ЯК-40/42
  • Ан-12/24/26/148
  • Avro 146-RJ85
  • Helicopters of all types


ICAO classification II

ICAO landing Category II

Taxi ways: A.C.B.


Airfield reference point: latitude N 54, 53, 54, longitude: E020 35.33

Airfield elevation: 13.3

Magnetic declination: +5

Apron information (types and number of aircraft on the platform): 

Parking places for different types of aircraft:

There are 27 parking places for aircraft on the platform of the airport:

PP 1: Tu—154, Tu—204, B757-200, size: 52,0×45,8.

PP 2 — 4,6,8: Tu—154, Tu—204, B757-200, size: 52,0×45,8.

PP 7: Yak-42, В737-400, А-321, size: 52,0×39,0.

PP 9: Il −76, Tu-154,Tu-204, B757-200,size: 52,0×54,5.

PP 10 — 19: Yak-42, В-737-400, А-320, size: 41,6×38,9.

PP 20: An-2, Л-410. К-26, size: 20,0×15,4.

PP 21: Tu-154 and lower category;size: 52,0×42,0.

PP 22÷25: Tu-134, B737-400 and lower category;size41,0×33,0.

PP 26, 27(for service): Tu-134, B737-400 and lower category;size: 42,0×33,0.

PP 28: Aircraft de-icing platform, size: 52,0×54,5.

Khrabrovo airport reconstruction and development

Official project name:

«The second stage of reconstruction and development of Khrabrovo airport (Kaliningrad region, Kaliningrad)»

Project goal:

The project is part of the Federal Target Program «Development of the Transport System of Russia in 2010-2020» and the ResolutionNo. 518 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated June 20, 2013 on the preparation and holding the 2018 FIFA World Cupin the Russian Federation.

The main goal of the project is to prepare the airport for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, including increasing the airport’s capacity and ensuring flight safety, eliminating the negative impact of infrastructure restrictions on the quality of service and increasing the volume of passenger traffic by no less than 200 thousand people per year.

Project financing

The reconstruction of Kaliningrad airport infrastructure is financed by the federal budget.

Statecustomer: Rosaviatsiya

Developer: FSUE «Administration of Civil Airports (Airfields)»

General design contractor

OAO Planning, surveyingandresearchinstitutionofairtransport «Lenaeroproekt»

The project includes the following activities:

  • reconstruction of the artificial runway with an extension of 850 m;
  • equipping the runway with radio landing aids, light and weather equipment;
  • reconstruction of the apron (29 parking places, including 5 PP at the international terminal);
  • construction of a high speed taxiway site;
  • construction of high speed taxiway;
  • apron lighting;
  • reconstruction (construction) of drainage facilities;
  • construction of surface water treatment facilities;
  • construction of an emergency rescue station (632 m2);
  • reconstruction of the perimeter fence of the airfield with security equipment according to aviation security requirements;
  • reconstruction (construction) of the patrol road (6496 m);
  • reconstruction of the airfield power supply system.

Special features of the project: Khrabrovo airport is one of the airports that will host the2018 FIFA World Cup.

The terminal of Khrabrovo airport .  

According to the reconstruction project, the area of ​​the passenger terminal would be 39 762 square meters. The passenger traffic of the airport would be 5 million people per year.

Maximum airport capacity would be 1250 passengers per hour, and during 2018FIFA World Cup, it would be 1950 people per hour in one direction. Circuit reverse movement of passengers is to be organized. Moreover, 38 additional passport control booths and22 stationary posts are tobe introduced.

At the moment, there are two sectors in the passenger terminal: Sector А and Sector C. This helps divide passenger traffic andserve domestic and international flights simultaneously.

The airport terminal has modern border control cabins, customs control desks, flight information displays, ATMs, payment terminals, kiosks for souvenirs and print production, travel agencies and car rental desks, and a separate smoking area. For the passengers’ comfort, there are VIP rooms in the airport terminal (VIP-lounge, Business-hall and International Business-hall).

The passengers can always stay in touch via wireless Internet on Wi-Fi technologyin the main hall and in the domestic and international airlines sectors.

The terminal is equipped with a modern four-level baggage handling system that can simultaneously handle transfer baggage and check-in baggage. Two 5-view Rapiscan MVXR5000 systems, automated EDS CTX5500 (General Electric) and a radiation control systemYantar 1-P are integrated into the system.

There is a multi-levelsecurity system in the international Kaliningrad airport (Khrabrovo), which was createdwith the help of modern methods and technologies. The aviation security service is fully equipped with the necessary means of inspection and radio communication.The terminal also hasthe video surveillance system.

Passenger capacity per hour

850 on domestic flights

400 on international flights

Handling time for out-and-return flights is 30 minutes and above for most aircraft.

After the aircraft is parked, ramp installation takes no more than 2 minutes, with the passengers disembarking in 3 minutes.

The waiting time of the passenger in the queue for registration is no more than 15 minutes.