Cargo services

Cargo terminal of JSC Airport Khrabrovo carries out its activities according to the provisions adopted by ICAO. Cooperation with the airlines and cargo customers is based onthe international and Russian legislation (the Aviation Code of the Russian Federation, Federal Aviation Regulations, Orders of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and other normative acts).

In the cargo terminal of Khrabrovo airport, the total area of warehouses for handling domestic and international cargo is more than 2500 m2. The cargo terminal is equipped for ground handling operations: electric forklifts, lifting mechanisms, electronic and mechanical scales. The cargo terminal has at its disposal cold and freezing stores.

Attention to cargo customers of JSC Airport Khrabrovo! Delivery and reception of cargo is from 06.00 to 21.00!

Services provided:

  • selling cargo transportation services forthe following airlines’ flights: O‘zbekistonHavoYo‘llari national airline through Tashkent airport to the cities of Southeast Asia and Japan

  • executingtransportationdocumentation;
  • informing customers about cargo status;
  • receiving cargo to and delivering from the warehouse;
  • weighingcargo;
  • marking cargo;
  • storing cargo before departure;
  • loading onto the vehicle and delivering to the aircraft;
  • executing cargo emplanement and securing;
  • delivering the arrived cargo to the cargo terminal;
  • deconsolidating cargo loads;
  • storing domestic cargo in a commercial warehouse; storing international cargo in a temporary storage warehouse.

Attention to customers using the services of a temporary storage warehouse! You need to conclude a contract on temporary storage of cargo with JSC Airport Khrabrovo on the basis of the Federal Customs Service of Russia order No. 2688 from 29.12.2012.

For questions on concluding the contract please contact:

  • ensuring safety and security measures for cargo handling;
  • specialcargohandling:
  • perishable cargo,
  • liveanimals,
  • radioactivecargo (withoutstorage),
  • diplomatic mail;
  • handling mail;
  • additional services.

For information on charges for handling cargo, please contact cargo terminal staff

  • +7 (4012) 610-489
  • +7 (4012) 610-386 (temporary storage warehouse)