Baggage Wrapping and Storing

Baggage wrapping

For convenience of passengers, there is packaging service at Khrabrovo airport.

In order to avoid any difficulties with inspection of baggage at the terminal entrance, we recommend using the services of baggage packaging stands at the airport, after undergoing the primary inspection. Self-packaging of baggage may create trouble when conducting a pre-flight inspection and does not provide adequate protection of the belongings when transporting such baggage.

Packaging service is offered to all comers for the convenience of transportation and better baggage preservation.

The time for packing one piece of baggage is not more than 1 minute.

The baggage packaging stand is located on the first floor of the terminal building, in front of the check-in hall.

The cost of packaging is 500 rub. for 1 place.

Baggage storage

Baggage storage is located on the ground floor of the terminal building.

The check-in baggage is kept at the airport for 2 days, including the day of arrival of the aircraft on which the check-in baggage is delivered, without charging an additional fee. The carrier or the handling company provides further storage of check-in baggage.

The cost of baggage storage services (rub)

Baggage storage