Non-Arrival of Baggage

In case of non-arrival of baggage, upon a written request of a passenger, based on carriage documents (boarding pass, ticket, baggage tag), a baggage tracing officer shall immediately take measures to search for checked baggage:

  • send a message to the airport of departure concerning non-arrival of the baggage (with indication of baggage tags, description of its appearance and contents),
  • send requests to the airports, where the baggage might have mistakenly been sent to,
  • send a request on delivery of the baggage in case of its detection.

Ifcheck-inbaggageisfound, thecarrierinforms the owner of the lost check-in baggage and provides its delivery to the airport or to the point, indicated by the owner without charging an additional fee.

If check-in baggage is not found within 21 days after the day of submitting the application for non-arrival of baggage, it is considered lost and the passenger is informed about the procedure of submitting a claim.

Baggage tracing and storing agent

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