Passengers with children

Dear passengers, when booking a ticket please inform the airline that you are going to take the flight with a small child.

For the information about the rules of carrying a pushchair or carrycot in the hand baggage as well as about the services for children and passengers with children provided on board an aircraft, please refer to the airline that operates your flight. Airlines publish this information on their websites in the respective sections. You can also contact our call-center (inquiries service), the number of which is also available on the website of the airline.

Please register the large size pushchairs as hold baggage when checking in for the flight to avoid difficulties when moving around the terminal building.

Children aged 5-12 fall into the category of unaccompanied minors (not accompanied by parents or entrusted to some passenger) and may travel by air alone. The airline is responsible for such children. At the request of the parents (relatives, guardians), this provision may apply to children up to the age of 16. Carrying an unaccompanied minor is subject to 100% of the full fare.

Unaccompanied minors are checked in for a flight only after their parents (relatives, guardians) had filled out the required document (undertaking) containing all the necessary information. This document is filled out in the representative office of the carrier.

Procedure for traveling abroad of underage citizens of the Russian Federation

  1. When going abroad, every citizen of the Russian Federation after reaching 18 years of age is to have his/her foreign travel passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
  2. Citizens of the Russian Federation under the age of 18 may travel abroad if their names are filled in the passports of their parents and other legal representatives traveling with them.
  3. Procedure for writing a child’s name into a foreign travel passport:
    1. first name, last name and date of birth of the children are filled in;
    2. first name and last name of the child are also written in French;
    3. the record is attested by the signature of the officer who made it and stamped with the seal used for foreign documents. The passports must contain photographs of the children, including children from the age of 0, which must be stamped with coat of arms bearing seal of bodies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.
  4. For a citizen of the Russian Federation under 18 years of age, who exits the Russian Federation together with his/her parents (or one parent), adoptive parents or guardians, no notarized consent of these persons is required.
  5. If a citizen of the Russian Federation under 18 years of age exits the Russian Federation without being accompanied by the above-mentioned persons, he or she must have, in addition to the passport, a notarized consent of these persons permitting the underage citizen to exist the Russian Federation, with indication of the duration of stay abroad and the country (countries) that the underage citizen intends to visit. If the underage citizen exists the Russian Federation for a period longer than 3 months, this consent must be attested by the childcare and guardianship authorities in accordance with the procedure established by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The notarized consent permitting underage citizens to exit the Russian Federation may be attested only by a notary in the Russian Federation and by officials of consular offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation abroad. For underage Russian citizens permanently residing abroad and having a mark in passport made by Russian consular offices that the passport holder is registered with a Russian consular office, no notarized consent of legal representatives is required in case such underage citizens travel to the place of their permanent residence.

The legal representatives of underage Russian citizens are their parents, adoptive parents, foster parents or guardians. If one of the parents, adoptive parents, foster parents or guardians does not permit the underage citizen to exit the Russian Federation, the decision on possible exit from the country of such underage citizen is made by a court.

Services for passengers with children

In order to provide comfortable conditions for passengers with children and women in the second half of pregnancy waiting to board a flight, there is a mother-and-child room in the airport terminal.

The room is intended for serving passengers with preschool children (under the age of 7), disabled children under the age of 14 and women in the second half of pregnancy. Passengers with infants, passengers with two or more children and disabled children under the age of 14 have the priority right to use the mother-and-child room.

There is no fee for staying in the mother-and-child room.

For information about the services provided to passengers with children during the flight please refer to the airline you are flying.