Tickets and baggage check-in for domestic flights usually starts 120 minutes and ends 40 minutes before the departure; for international flights it starts 150 minutes and ends 40 minutes before the departure. In some cases, this time can be changed by agreement with the carrier.

Passengers may register online in advance.

The passenger should arrive in time, not later than the time set by the carrier, to the check-in desks for passenger and baggage registration to pass the established registration procedures; pay for excess baggage and (or) other pay-for baggage; pass the inspection (hereinafter — pre-flight formalities) and comply with the requirements ofborder, custom, sanitary and quarantine, veterinary, phytosanitary and related control of the legislation of the Russian Federation or the legislation of the country from which the transportation is carried out; as well as to the place of boarding on the aircraft.

Please present your ticket and passportor other ID to the check-in attendant to get yourself and your baggage registered for the flight.

If you have an electronic ticket, you only need to present your passport or other ID.

While getting yourself and your baggage registered for the flight, you should declare all the baggage, intended for transportation, for its weighing.

Your baggage will not be checked in your absence. Upon checking in yourself and checking in your baggage, you receive a boarding pass and baggage tags.

You can use the check-in kiosks located in the central hall of the terminal to register for the flight by yourself. Self-service check-in kiosks offer the possibility to choose a seat.

You can find the numbers of check-in desks on the information board located in the terminal. Passengers of business class are registeredat the regular desksin priority, out of turn.

The passenger must arrive at a boarding gate no later than the time of the end of boarding, specified in the boarding pass. Boarding of the passengers is done after they present the boarding pass for the appropriate flight.

The passenger, who is late for registration for the flight or for boarding, may be refused of transportation by that flight.

Dear passengers! Live Flight Status and Schedule sections of the website indicate local time
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