Carriage of weapons

It is prohibited to carry weapons, explosives and ammunition in hand luggage by passengers and aircraft crews.

To prevent unauthorised delivery of weapons, ammunition, explosives, toxicant agents, flammable and other substances that can be used to commit an act of unlawful interference on board the aircraft, the crew members, service personnel, passengers, hand luggage, baggage, mail, cargo and stuff on board shall be subject to inspection (in accordance with the Decree on the Federal System for Ensuring the Protection of Civil Aviation Activities from Acts of Unlawful Interference approved by the Resolution of the Russian Federation Government dated 30 July 1994 No 897).

Refusal of a passenger from passing the inspection can become a reason for cancellation of the air transportation contract.

In accordance with the Rules for conducting Pre-Flight and Post-Flight Inspections (approved by the Order No 104 of the Russian Ministry of Transport dated July 25, 2007), it is prohibited to carry the following dangerous substances and items on board the aircraft by the crew members and passengers in the checked baggage:

Explosives, blasting agents and objects filled thereby

  • all kinds of gunpowder, in any package and in any quantity;
  • fire cartridges (including small-calibre);
  • cartridges for gas weapons;
  • hunting capsules (pistons);
  • pyrotechnic means: signalling and illuminating flares, signalling cartridges, landing gears, smoke cartridges (sticks), demolition specialist’s matches, Bengal lights, railway detonating cartridges;
  • TNT, dynamite, tritol, ammonal and other explosives;
  • detonators, electric detonators, electric ignitors, detonating and pyrotechnical time fuses etc.


  • pistols, revolvers, rifles, carbines and other firearms, gas weapons, pneumatic weapons, electric shock devices, daggers, stilettos, paratroopers’ bayonet knives, except in the cases and in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Russian Federation.

In the checked baggage in cargo and luggage compartments of an aircraft with the isolated access of passengers it is allowed to carry:

  • cross bows, spear guns, shashkas, sabers, hunting yatagans, basket hilted swords, scimitars, bayonets, daggers, knives: hunting, knives with ejecting blades, locks, imitators of any kind of weapons.

Violation of the rules for transportation of weapons and other dangerous substances and items as well as crimes committed with their use provide for administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation

The conditions for carrying arms and cartridges thereto by civil aircrafts as well as impact munition transferred by passengers for temporary storage during the flight are approved by the Order No 120/971 of the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency and Interior Ministry dated November 30, 1999.

Weapons, ammunition and cartridges thereto, impact munition are received from passengers at the airport of departure as well as they are handed out at the airport of arrival at the beginning of inspection of passengers, their hand luggage and baggage in the specially equipped airport terminal by the officers of the Linear Directorate of the Interior Ministry and the authorised inspector of the Aviation Security Service.

A passenger presents a document certifying his/her identity, an air ticket, a permit for the right to store and carry weapons, ammunition and cartridges thereto, impact munition for checking and registering their receipt (handing out).

The weapons acceptance certificate for the period of the aircraft’s flight is drawn up in triplicate which are signed by the authorised person of the Federal Air Transport Agency and the passenger. The third copy of the certificate is issued to the passenger at the airport of departure. This copy of the certificate provides the basis for obtaining at the destination airport the weapon handed over by the passenger for temporary storage during the flight.