Restaurants & Cafes

«Carte D'or», ice-cream stand

Main hall, 1st floor Sector A, 2nd floor Landside/Airside 24/7

The biggest chain of ice-cream sale. Only standardized milk with optimal fat content and natural fillers are used for its production.

“Nebo” (“Sky”)

Sector A, 2nd floor Airside 24/7

Breakfasts and hot lunches. Salads and sausages, desserts and coffee, wine and starters, beer, whisky… the list goes on. Convenient free-flow concept with variety of meals. Excellent choice in the hot and cold drinks bar.

Comfortable sofas and excellent view from the windows. Fast and high-quality service.


Italian restaurant Central hall, 1st floor Landside 24/7

Full menu. Light starters, salads, famous Italian pasta and pizza.

Cosy interior and Italian-style design.

Old Mill Bruxelles

Belgian Gastropub Main hall, 1st floor Landsite 8:00 to 20:00

Old Mill Bruxelles is not just a pub, it is the meeting place!

Residents and guests of Kaliningrad will enjoy the gastropub’s menu, because it has the crème de la crème of Belgian cuisine:

- Original Belgian waffles cooked according to ancient recipes with special equipment, the same as original Belgian fried potatoes, which undergo two stages of roasting.

- Meat and fish dishes of Flemish cuisine, and even blue mussels;

- And, of course, the reason to visit Belgium at least once – Belgian beer. More than 15 varieties of draft beer from Belgian breweries, which are stored in a cold-room waiting for your order to quench your thirst and carry you away to the magical world of Belgium.

Express servicing option is available for the passengers. Those who are pressed for time can have Belgian combo-sets, fresh waffles and drinks take-outs.